Practice Areas


We understand that every company is unique and therefore has specific and precise purposes.

Our internationally trained corporate team offers an integrated service aimed to efficiently identify our client´s goals and analyze them in order to achieve personalized objectives by developing strategies to overcome any possible obstacles.


At Vázquez & Barba we provide our clients with coordinated real estate advise across multiple jurisdictions. Our multilingual team of licensed real estate agents, lawyers, and architects provides the most accurate and transparent guidance to our clients.

We aim to facilitate the process of our clients’ real estate sale or purchase to the highest possible degree, all while being particularly cautious and detailed-oriented, especially considering the multiple nuances of the real estate processes.

Whether our client has already identified a property or is searching to find the perfect one, we will assist in ensuring the process is successful.


At Vázquez & Barba we fully understand that the internationalization of businesses, the changes in place of residence, and the diversification of investments have an indubitable fiscal effect. Our team is comprised of professionals including expert tax lawyers also certified in international taxation. We are fully capable of providing you with fiscal planning advise to ensure the tax consequences of our clients’ investments are the most beneficial in light of the applicable legislation.


In an ever-expanding globalized world, investors need to be up-to-date regarding the migratory regulations that are most favorable to the expansion of their businesses. Our experienced immigration team guides our clients from the very beginning of their legal processes so they can take advantage of the migratory regulations that facilitate their trading objectives.


Vázquez & Barba´s Litigation team offers the resourcefulness, experience, and intellectual depth to resolve any type of legal dispute.

Our experts combine a high standard of competence and trial advocacy with the zealous enthusiasm expected from the person in charge of the defense of our clients´ interests.

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