'Golden Visa'


Now Spain allows non-EU residents earn Spanish and European citizenship while simultaneously aiding in the nation’s economic growth.

This program is colloquially known as the ‘Golden Visa’ and it has allowed thousands of visitors to achieve their dream of living in Spain while at the same time gaining a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in one of the fastest growing economies in the West.

Under the program, people who make a significant investment in the Spanish economy are eligible to receive residency for one year and have the option of renewing their Golden Visa indefinitely without having to reside in country.

The Spanish Lifestyle

Investing in Spain

So what’s a “significant investment?” According to the Golden Visa requirements, applicants must invest at least or be an entrepreneur who launches a business.

  • €500,000 in Spanish real estate
  • €1 million in shares in a Spanish company or bank deposit
  • €2 million in public debt


Entrepreneurs, launch a business in Spain that is of general interest to the nation’s economy (as determined by the Spanish Economic and Trade Office).

The program is open to anybody outside the EU. Plus, once you receive your Golden Visa, you can live and work anywhere in Spain. You can even combine the processing of permits for your spouse, partner, and your children.

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